About Kurt Weiss Greenhouses

Family Owned and Operated

At present, the parent company is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1960, but can trace it's roots back over 100 years. With 18 locations, totaling over 11 million square feet, the firm is one of the United States' largest growing operations. Each of its affiliated companies caters to a particular branch of the industry, so as to give the best service possible.

Our People

The present work force, of well over 1200 people, are particularly well trained,with graduates from some of the United States' leading universities. Additionally a number of our people are highly experienced growers from many foreign countries, including Germany, Holland, Poland, and Hungary. We take pride in the fact that many of our employees have been with us for many years.

Our Product

We specialize in quality material tastefully packaged for large volume customers. It is not unusual for us to move over 1,000,000 plants per week at a peak holiday. Fifty percent of our production is in azaleas of both hardy and florist types. However, we are also leading producers of the following crops throughout the year: Bedding plants, Caladium, Cyclamen, Cineraria, Chrysanthemum, Easter Lilies, Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Poinsettias, etc.