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Products Everyone Will Love

Producing well into the millions has given us the ability to focus on effective and efficient methods of time management, production layout, and shipping. We have mastered the science of turning crops so well that we are able to offer a complete line of quality products year round. We pride ourselves on quality production and we will not accept anything less than the best, so we produce only first-class plants. It is important that as large growers we focus on producing quality individual plants - rather than getting lost in the sea of production.

We have searched the globe for some of the best plant genetics to put our brand behind, check them out below!

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been growing and perfecting our line of Hydrangeas for over a century. We are continually searching the globe for quality genetics, exciting and new varieties that will meet the standards of the Collection.


Please check our website for more information.

Beautiful Hydrangea Merrit.jpg

Patio Paradise Plant Collection

Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with our Patio Paradise Plant Collection! There are so many great options to choose from- Gardenia, Hibiscus, Mandevilla and Banana plants. 

Ace of Hearts Anthurium

Place your bet on our Ace of Hearts Anthurium!As one of the most popular tropical plants, we felt this was a great houseplant to put our brand behind. With it's bold heart-shaped flower and simple care, it's easy to see why it's a fan favorite. Perfect for any season or ocassion, anyone will enjoy it!

The Basil Tree

We are excited to add the Basil Tree to our wide variety of plant products. Explore the new taste sensation of micro-herbs with the basil tree that keeps producing new leaves to enhance all of your culinary specialties!


Basil is used around the world in many different cuisines with good reason. It adds a unique depth and flavor that is not rivaled by other herbs. The Basil Tree is a thoughtful and unique gift that keeps on giving! It's great for holidays, birthday's and special occasions. Gardeners and Home Cooks will love it!


CowPots are 100% biodegradable, natural, sustainable, recycled and eliminate the need for plastic because it’s the bio pot you plant!

Succulent Society

As living sculptures, succulents offer endless possibilities for any decor. Their variety of textures and brilliant colors make it hard to choose just one. Join the Succulent Society and enjoy long lasting, easy care accents for your home or office! 

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